Most Expensive Russian Apartments


One of the biggest cities on Earth.

Densely populated this city is famous for its hilariously overpriced property. Just to buy a cheapest one bedroom apartment, working full time middle class citizen should shell out ALL his income for 30-40 years.

To buy an apartments, I’m going to describe here, will take him 1000 years.

At the same time, Russian capital surpasses all the cities by the number of the billionaires who can buy ten of the apartments like that in a blink of en eye.

So, here is the first one:

Located close to Moscow’s downtown this small 4 Br /3 bath 2 story apartment have the price tag of 300 000 000 rubles (~$10 000 000), thanks to its 311 m2 (3300 sq ft) space, huge 70 m2 (700 sq ft) bedroom, combined with sauna.

Thought, If you want something better for that kind of money, you can move into 14000 sq ft mansion, located on top of Hollywood Hills.

Another great way to spend couple millions is this 3 level penhouse, even closer to Moscow center.

Just by knowing its size, you can assume the price difference – with almost 1000 m2 ( 10 760 sq ft), this apartment is almost 30 times bigger than regular Moscow 1 br apartment.

Having 15 rooms, and occupying last 3 floors of 6 floor building this mansion is available for a tiny price of 1 393 000 000 rubles (~ $43 million). For extra $220 000 you can even get a parking space!

If you think, that $43 mln, is a little bit high, you can save about 50 000 000 (~$1.7 mln), and, by sacrificing one room, and moving into this tiny 14 room apartment close to the previous one. It occupies all 3rd floor of a new building (4 apartments, combined in one).

And, you will still get more space – 1040 m2 (~11 200 sq ft), 3 balconies, and 2 fireplaces.

Alternatively, you can move into San Francisco mansion, and save an extra 5 million.



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