Where to live in Moscow


If you are planning to stay for several days, you don’t need to worry about surrounding infrastructure, crime levels, ecology, or noise, you can just stay somewhere close to Moscow center where you can find plenty good Hotels, Motels, or cheap rooms for rent.

But, if you are decided to move in Moscow for longer period of time – like several months or a year, then you need to answer on several important questions.

Here they are:

1.  How safe is the area I live in?

2. Where is the closest hospital?

3. What infrastructure this area have?

4. How close is the subway station?

5. What’s up with ecology?

Considering, that you are in the city, where only 10% of the population barely speaks English, you might consider living closer to the center, but even Moscow Downtown has several regions, that might be much safer to stay at, compare to others.

Usually it recommended to stay further west, since most of the heavy industry located on the Moscow’s East, southern areas have better infrastructure, such as schools and hospitals, than northern.

Ecology, because of the factories location, usually worse on east (If you can speak about ecology in the city, like Moscow) and better on west.

If your company paying for your car – then you are all set, but if not, and you are commuting on a subway, you need to look for the place to stay, that closer to the subway station. (Try walking to the subway station for 20 minutes in freezing cold winter morning, and you understand, why).

Do not stay too close to subway, though (especially, if you decide that concierge is a bit to pricey for you), it has its consequences, such as bad smell.

Safety is another big issue. This is what concerns everybody, especially when they comes in the city, like Moscow with their families.

Since Russia never had segregation, it is much harder to figure out which areas is not recommended to move in.

You can follow the simple rule – don’t live anywhere close to the last 3-4 subway stations, since that’s where the cheapest apartments located at. There is some exceptions – such as areas near Rublevsky shosse (hwy), where all the riches lives at, but these are rare.

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