Moscow Apartment Types.

Moscow Housing Market.

Moscow have a wide range of different buildings, that has been created in different periods of Russia’s history, and these apartments are wildly differentiate from each other.

But. There is several common factors, that you should keep in mind, when choosing apartments in Moscow.

Russian apartment complexes could be split in 3 wide categories:

Old Housing (xxxx -1917)

Tsarist’s Russia buildings – all of the houses, that has been created before Soviets came to power.

These houses usually had large halls,  a lots of rooms, have an outstanding exterior look, as well as interiors (with cool decorations, high ceilings, and large windows).

Some of these buildings been renovated, and if you’d be able to find one – it could be great place to rent, especially if you like history.

Soviet Buildings (1917-1990)

These are the building, which have been created within 75 years of soviet rule.

They are forked into 3 more categoires:

-Communal buildings

In the western world this type of housing is used in hostels. The word (Коммуналка – communal housing) appeared in the time of “suppressing” (уплотнений), when homeless people from country side started to flee into cities, and many property owners  ought to give away part of their housing to them. The final goal was the development of “communas” where people only have separated bedrooms, the rest of the facilities was shared among them. With childcare and housing services was taken care of by the government.

These ideas was discarded soon, but many communal buildings still used in cities, like St. Petersburg and Moscow.

-Stalin buildings (Time of creation – 1930 – 1960).

Development of these type of buildings was popular in Stalin period. Tend to be highly desirable type of housing up till 90th, when modern construction methods started to evolve.

Distinguished by very high ceilings – up to 4 meters high, several rooms (2 and up),  material durability, large living space, and good infrastructure.

Nowadays are not that popular, since most of them are lucks modern fixtures, infrastructure and have a modest look.

– Khrushchovka (named after Nikita Chrushev) (1960-1990)

These type of building become a visit card of Russia, since till now about 60% of housing apartments in Russia one way or another been build using this technology.

Have been developed in post war time, to avoid severe housing crisis developing in USSR. Having a low ceilings, small bathrooms and kitchens these types of housing was called chrushyoby (combination of  Nikita Chrushev’s name and russian word for slums).

New buildings (1990-201x)

Within years after USSR demolition,  constructions companies started to pop up all over Russia, with updated constructions technologies imported from all over the world.  Lots of architects developing their individual projects, and it is almost impossible to find 2 similar buildings, that has been build after “perestroika”.

It is the best housing you can find nowadays in Moscow, since all of them have brand new infrastructure hooked up already, top notch appliances, huge kitchens and bathrooms, new windows and high ceilings. As well as underground parking or parking space.


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